Ride, Row, Rewards

At Saddle Row, we’re all about improving ourselves and getting #SaddleStronger. So we’ve designed a set of challenges to push you further, improve overall performance with each Ride and Row, and have fun with the Crew, while you’re at it!

The Saddle Row Mid-Year Challenge encourages you to mix up your routine and experience both the tried-and-tested and newly introduced features at our studios in Rockwell and BGC. Complete these tasks and you’ll be stepping up your workouts by signing up for different classes, trying out the new instructors, and taking on increasingly tougher tasks—all designed to keep you #SaddleStrong.



  1. Earn points by completing the challenges posted on the board. (Each challenge is worth a specified amount of points.)
  2. Every time you complete a challenge, the front desk will verify it for you and give you a stamp for accomplishing the task.
  3. Use our Rewards System to instantly claim a prize, or keep collecting points to win bigger rewards.
  4. Once you’ve claimed a prize, your points go back to zero and you can start earning points all over again by completing the rest of the remaining challenges.


Take an Exchange class and post the leaderboard on Instagram #KNOWYOURNUMBERS

Take a selfie with your favorite instructor

Take a back-to-back ride and row classes in Rockwell and BGC

Take a back-to-back ride and row classes in Rockwell and BGC

Take a Tandem ride

Ride the Resistance with Carla or Roz

Ride the Resistance with Anna or Viella

Ride the Underground with Caisa or Gianna

Ride the Exchange with Ed, Claudia, or Ting

Take a Finesse Class

Take a Crew Class

Take a Circuit Class

Post a workout photo in the studio with your workout buddy/buddies

Take a photo of yourself in your Saddle Row merchandise

Sign up with 4 friends for the first Saddle Row Regatta for 2018