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Cycling is a heritage sport that has become a global trend. The sense of community it fosters has given rise to a new subculture.


Once an exclusive Ivy League sport, Rowing is fast becoming the hottest full-body indoor workout. Saddle Row is Manila’s first and only indoor rowing studio powered by a crew of top instructors.


Our Realign program will bring you full circle to a more holistic level of fitness, health, and mental well-being. 


Our Story

Saddle Row is a boutique fitness concept creating tailor-fit indoor workouts for cycling and rowing. Since it opened its doors in 2015, it has built a reputation for being a consistently safe and smart fitness experience. Inspired by the badass bespoke tailors of London’s most famous suiting street, Saddle Row merges customized and measured workouts in a stylish dual-concept studio space.

We bring together Cycling and Rowing—two sports rooted in tradition, function, and style— in an environment tailored to the needs of urban warriors who demand excellence in the shortest possible time.

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What's happening



Meet the perfect combination of your favorite Saddle classes! Mix our signature high-intensity Ride or Row classes with our mat-based Realign programs. Remix classes create a well-rounded experience that combines the benefits of strength and cardio with mobility and active recovery, perfect for advanced students and those who want to kick things up a notch.


What is floating?

Float ‍‍‍Manila offers a unique opportunity to disconnect from the stress and distractions of daily life by immersing yourself in an environment scientifically designed to free your body‍‍‍ and mind from the outside world, allowing you to reconnect with your body’s own internal signals. Achieve unparalleled relaxation, experience relief from joint aches and pains, access untapped creativity.



We know the Crew is always up for a challenge, so make this your strongest #SaddleSummer yet! Grab a Saddle Row Summer card at the desk and earn points when you take class, which you can use to redeem merch, freebies from our friends at Burt's Bees, discounts on a class package... and of course, your ultimate summer body!    


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No bells and whistles, our workouts are crafted with science, safety, and simplicity in mind. We focus on the core essentials of form and movement to get you into shape quickly and keep you fit for life.