Indoor cycling

Cycling is a heritage sport that has become a global trend. The sense of community it fosters has given rise to a new subculture. Join one of our cycling classes and ride off to a high-intensity workout experience that tones muscles and energizes the mind, set to a bespoke playlist. It's a wild ride, but no, it won’t make your legs look like logs!




A pure cycling workout that’s a test of stamina, with sprints, climbs, and rides at different paces and speeds.


A combination of climbs, dance moves, and sprints, plus resistance bands to work the upper body and core.


A cardio-heavy dance party on wheels, with varying beats-per-minute and coordinated arm moves.


prepare for your class


Try not to eat heavily at least an hour before and come in comfortable athletic gear. Bring your own towel, water bottle, and toiletries if you’d like to use the facilities. You’ll need socks for a Ride class and sneakers for a Row class.


Be at the studio at least 15 minutes in advance and sign up at the front desk to secure your slot. Lockers and a water station are provided. Ride classes require specialized footwear, so give your shoe size to our Crew and we’ll help set you up.


Let the Crew know it’s your first class so we can walk you through the basics. Give a heads up if you’ve got injuries or health issues. Safety is our priority so we’ll push you if you want to keep up, but go for the pace that’s comfortable for you.


The Crew is always ready to answer any questions or concerns, so go ahead and fire away. You’ve probably worked up a serious sweat—don’t forget to hydrate and eat a good recovery meal.