What is Floating?

Float effortlessly like a cork atop 200 gallons of water warmed to skin temperature with 400kg of magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt) dissolved within an environment minimizing external sensory input.


no gravity.

no light.

no sound.

no phone.

no distractions.

no drama.

unplug and reboot your mind and body.


why float?


Floating triggers the physiological relaxation response and the reduction of sensory inputs allows‍‍‍ your mind to quiet and helps you ‍‍‍rediscover your inner calm.


The feeling of weightlessness provides instant relief for joint aches and pains and allows your muscles to completely relax while you float effortlessly.


We are more plugged in and online than ever before and sleep deprivation is becoming the new normal. sleeping in the tank can be deeply restful, and many clients‍‍‍ report having fantastic nights of sleep after floating. it has also been found to be helpful for overcoming jet lag.


Floating is like a cheat code for meditation. the environment is ideally suited for exploring your inner headspace and you can quickly access higher states of awareness and consciousness


Athletes are discovering that floating helps to give them a competitive edge. they report that floating helps them eliminate distractions, focus their mind, and enhances their visualizations.


In the absence of external stimuli your mind is free to wander and explore uncharted cognitive domains. many people experience vivid memories or new insights and ideas. artists and musicians report feeling more open minded, spontaneous and creative.

“It was my first time to float yesterday and all I can say is that the experience was surreal. The solitude was very calming. It was so relaxing and I was just in a very serene state.”